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Semantic Web Google vs Wikipedia

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The web is filled with multiple paths of intelligent information. It is attributed from every individual and a collection of individuals.

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How smart we make a machine, is the combination of artificial intelligence and the sources of information that combine the two relationships into a dynamic learning and creative tool.

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For example: Google and Wikipedia have a semantic relationship. Google searches vast amounts of data that authors have composed and placed on the web. Wikipedia is vast amounts of data that authors have composed and placed on the web or a site, they have given it the determinations of language and proposed a hierarchy around such elements.

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Thus, if we meld the two and are able to give corresponding references that go beyond the walls contained, we define the relationship more at the perspective of the readers intelligence. Machines that think, are the ones that put this information into the perspective of the user and are able facilitate the data in an organized manner.

Briefly following I will be collecting information on web 3.0 and the semantics of organizing information as it  relates to websites and other websites. I hope you will find this rss site useful or bookmark me for further articles.

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